We can confirm that kitman Gary Kay, and his assistant Morgan Snow, are continuing their duties for the upcoming season. 

Manager Robbie Simpson said: “We’re delighted that Gary has agreed to stay on as kitman!

Together him and Morgan have been fantastic these last couple of years and they are the real heartbeat of the changing room.

I am delighted that they have both agreed to continue.”

We can also confirm that Head of Medical Arron Benstead will be continuing his duties for the upcoming season. 

Manager Robbie Simpson said: “We are delighted that Arron will be continuing as Head of Medical!

Arron has made a huge difference to us as a football club, he is absolutely top draw, we are very luck to have Aaron and the players absolutely love him and what he does.

He goes above and beyond for the players and I think it is testament to him that our injury record this season has been very very good and the players who have been injured have been back quicker than they usually should be.

We are absolutely thrilled that Arron has decided to stay on with the Clarets!”

We can also confirm that Head of Recruitment Adam Drew will be continuing his duties for the upcoming season. 

Manager Robbie Simpson said: “Obviously Adam has been a huge part of the management team and he takes so much weight off myself and Mickey.

But, it is not just his recruitment, he absolutely loves being part of the football club and he will chip in wherever he can, helping out wherever he can.

He has just been a real asset to the club so we are delighted that he will be continuing his role as head of recruitment.”

We can also confirm that Assistant Manager and Head of Academy Mickey Spillane will be continuing his duties for the upcoming season. 

Manager Robbie Simpson said: “Mickey is my rock really.

Throughout the years we have got to know each other better and better and the way that we work together has just gone from strength to strength.

He can tell when I need reenergising and he can tell when I need bringing back down and the way that he analyses me and helps me personally, I can’t thank him enough.

The players as well, he can sense and read people really well, so when maybe I’ve given some players constructive criticism he knows and can tell how they react to it and he knows how to approach them, whether to give a consoling arm or reinforces my words.

He has just grown from strength to strength as an assistant manager and as a coach he is second to none.

He is an A license coach and his sessions are unbelievable and I am delighted that he has decided to remain as my assistant manager.

Also, in the academy, the success speaks for itself.

What we are doing with these boys both in terms of football and growing them as individuals and helping them mature as men is all down to Mickey.

Obviously he has got his team in place in terms of Louis and Simeon and the work that they do in the community as well as the academy is just second to none and a real pillar of what this club has become in terms of it’s identity.

We are absolutely delighted that Mickey will continue to be our Head of Academy alongside being our assistant manager and obviously Louis and Simeon will continue their respective roles within the academy as well.

We are absolutely delighted.”

We can also confirm that Head of Player Pathway Rob Moore will be continuing his duties for the upcoming season. 

Manager Robbie Simpson said: “I am delighted that Rob will be staying with us.

It was a tough season for Coggeshall on the pitch but a lot of learnings were had and it was certainly a bit of a teething season as we found what worked best and what did not.

But, Rob is a great coach, in particular with the younger player and his contacts around those sort of levels are second to none.

We are delighted that Rob has decided to continue to carry on as our Head of Player Pathway and the longer he is in this role that more strings added to his bow in terms of the loan market.

We are delighted he will continue in this role!”


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