One of the core elements of the Clarets10 Vision is to create a club that the people and community of Chelmsford are proud of.

This has always gone beyond what it achieves on the football pitch. Football is a very helpful median to engage with communities and the people within those communities and part of the club’s responsibility is to provide that median for good.

For some time now the club has been working with Essex Police and the local community to engage and support young people. In addition it’s Walking Football team engages with the slightly older representatives of our community to support companionship and support. But there is so much more we can do.

Recently the club approached our local Councillor, Cllr Stephen Robinson, to see who the club could engage with to better support the Melbourne community. Thanks to Cllr Robinson we have been introduced to Sister Moira & Sister Margaret who, for many years, have been working and supporting our community in Chelmsford and more specifically in Melbourne.

As part of supporting these amazing ladies, the club seeks your help.

Christmas Day

Phil Crowe & Steve Shore will be working with the Ladies on Christmas Day to provide a drop-in centre in Langton Hall, about 400 yards from the clubhouse, including lunch for those that would like it.

We have already received the support of Blackwell’s Farm Shop who have kindly donated the food for us to cook but would love to be able to also provide gifts to people who attend. If you have anything you could give that would be fabulous. If you could wrap it and leave a note indicating whether it is for an adult or child and the appropriate gender and age then we can provide something extra this Christmas and hopefully get an extra smile.

If anyone wants to help or just wants to drop in on the day we would love to see you and wish you a Merry Christmas; we may even share the odd mince pie and glass of mulled wine and, if you want to join us for lunch then you would also be welcome. Please contact the office to confirm details.

Christmas Hampers

Christmas is a challenging time for many families and with rising heating costs and inflation it is becoming more and more difficult for people to afford the food they need to help them keep healthy and warm.

The club is preparing up to 40 hampers to give out to families and to individuals to help them get through this Christmas and beyond. We are looking to fill these hampers with food essentials including tinned foods, pasta, a few treats of crisps and biscuits and other non-perishable food essentials.

Maybe you could have a look through your cupboards at home or next time you’re in the supermarket you can add a couple of tins/packets to your shop and drop them off at the clubhouse so we can distribute to those that would really appreciate it.

Massive thank-you to Matt Collins & his team at Ascend, Steve Baker and the team at Laser Electrical, Darren Locker and the team at BEW and Richard Scott for already contributing with full hampers. It’s put us well on the road to our target.


We can all make a difference this Christmas so please help the club to help others.

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