Chelmsford City FC can now confirm that Eduino Vaz has departed the club after 50 games for the Clarets

Robbie Simpson spoke about the situation of Vaz in his post-match interview with ClaretsTV following our Vanarama National League South fixture with Welling United.

Simpson explained “I think me and Mickey feel really let down by Eduino. He has got no legal rights to work in this country, so financially, we can only pay him his expenses to come here and play football. He has to play for the love of the game. Legally he’s got settled status in this country, but he’s not got a right to work and we’re in a position where we’ve tried to help him get his right to work, we really have, and we’ve spoken to other clubs that have showed an interest in him or rang us and have said ‘we’ve heard the left-back is good’. One of them is a Premier League club that I know really well and I’ve asked them if they would be able to help him get his get his rights to work in his country and they said yes, leave it with us and we will speak to them.”

“We’re not in a position where we were going to say to him don’t worry we’ll pay you cash in hand and hope no one finds out, because not only if someone does find out it makes a club look really, really bad, and we could get a big fine or I don’t know what the justice system will do in that instance, but we don’t want to run the risk of him getting deported. So we’ve done ever so much for Eduino, as much as we possibly can.”

“We did get an approach from from Barnsley, and I think that’s out there. I called Barnsley personally and said we’re happy for him to come up and train with you, but just to let you know, this is his situation, he cannot sign for you because of this. They’re not allowed to give non-contracts out in the Football League. So Eduino can’t play higher than any side that can give non-contracts out. He can only earn expenses for things such as his travel and boots, etc. so you can only be reimbursed as such.”

Simpson elaborated on how he made Barnsley aware of the situation and they responded explaining “we understand that but we’d like to get him up and just have a closer look at him. He’s not the only left-back that we’re going to get up and in the future if he does have a right to work and he does impress then we might look to do something.”

“Barnsley were very accommodating. They said they don’t want to take him away from us. We want him to be willing to carry on playing for you and and get him up in a week where you haven’t got a midweek game, so we can have a good look at him in for a full week’s training. So we were doing that together with Barnsley.”

“And then Eduino has obviously taken advice from from someone, I don’t know who, because he does have an agent who I speak to and he was fully on board with what the discussions with with us and Barnsley, but there’s a third party who no one really knows has got in Eduino’s ear, and and told him that we’re preventing him from moving on, but we’re really not and we’re trying our best for him both as a working, part of this country and in a footballing sense, because once he did have his National Insurance number and right to work, we would bang the drum for Eduino and it would look great on us if he moved higher.”

“From when he first came in, we’ve taken a punt on him up to now and he’s still got so much to work on. It’s just really disappointing that we woke up in the morning to a text message from Eduino saying he’s left with no real explanation or no phone call. I feel really let down by him, really confused by the whole situation that he’s trying to rush things. If he goes up to Barnsley this week, comes in and does really well and they want to sign him they physically can’t. So I’m just really confused and baffled by the whole situation”

“I hope whoever’s advising [Eduino] is realising that they could be playing with a kid’s future, because we really care about every single player in there. Me and Mickey have worked so hard at understanding them off the pitch as well as on and we just feel really let down and gutted by it to be honest.”

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