The Clarets were once again up at Coggeshall’s West Street, to host Brentwood Town. Following the visit against Leyton Orient, just 48 hours ago, Robbie’s men sat with 2 wins, a draw and a loss in their preseason campaign. Along with that, 2 successful trialists had been signed up for the Clarets, Luke Jenkins and Callum Watts.

It was Marsden once again in between the sticks, as he continued to keep his spot behind the back. Infront of him, 3 of Brookes, Barnum-Bobb, Jenkins and Winfield played, with the midfield made up of Carruthers, Ruff, Mills, Eze and Worsdworth. Up top, it was Bettamer with the combination of Carruthers and Ruff playing just off him.


It was the visiting Brentwood who got us underway, as the game looked to be an interesting matchup as both sides deployed a 3 at the back setup. It was the Clarets who looked to penetrate in the opening stages, as some quick play saw Carruthers release Bettamer. Mo held the ball up, before curling the ball towards Adam Mills before the flag was raised as Mills was announced offside before he could convert. However, with just 4 minutes on the clock, the Clarets did have the ball in the back of the net. Mo Bettamer timed his run to perfection, seeing Samir Carruthers’ ball executed perfectly as Bettamer slid his effort under the keeper to give the Clarets the lead. Protests from the Brentwood defenders were waved away by the officials, as the goal was given. Bettamer continued to be at the forefront of the play in the early stages as Ruff beautifully picked him out in the box. Hs header looked to set it back to Carruthers but, was just overhit.

Carruthers was once again looking to be the provider, this time from a set piece. Some flamboyant goalkeeping from Brentwood’s keeper brought a corner. Carruthers put a pinpoint ball onto Mills’ head where he was denied by the combination of the post, and an on-line defender. Somehow, the lead was not doubled as Brentwood were then able to clear the danger.  However, with the Clarets dominating the possession, when Brentwood looked to get a chance, the defence had to stay sharp. Somehow, Brentwood’s 17 was able to outsmart Winfield, as he turned him and looked to be through. His option was the number 8 to the right, but an excellent Ben Brookes sliding tackle denied the pass as Brentwood looked to recycle. They did exactly that, as the attacked down the left this time. A clipped ball was put into the box and the 17 rose highest with, once again, Ben Brookes able to get in front of the effort.

Having just reached the halfway point in the game, the Clarets were able to double the lead. A Ben Brookes free kick was headed down by Dave Winfield, bringing loud shouts of handball from the Clarets. But Samir Carruthers was not dragged in, as he picked the ball up and found Bettamer in the box. Mo better his first, as a touch and finish was enough to beat the keeper and give the Clarets a second. In a puzzling few moments, the Clarets almost had a third. Once again it was a free kick, as the referee pulled it back for a free kick. With everyone out of focus, Ruff looked for the spectacular as his effort brushed the crossbar from a fare way out. Whilst Chelmsford were looking to do the business up top, Jacob Marsden was being kept honest. Once again, Brentwood’s 17 was able to get a shot away as, he spun Wordsworth but could only find Marsden’s arms.

However, the Claret domination continued up top. Some beautiful play saw Carruthers play a superb ball to Mills. He pinged it across the box, and Jazzi Barnum-Bobb, who had inverted from his role of right wing back, faked brilliantly, through his legs, as Charlie Ruff stormed in to get the third. It was a beautiful footballing goal, with many involved.  However, after some brilliance upfront, there was almost a disaster at the back. Eze played his pass short and the 17 had an open goal. Somehow, he failed to take advantage, as Brookes was able to throw himself in front of the ball and take enough out of it for Marsden to make a save on the line. However, the Clarets were able to build from the back, and get forward. Luke Jenkins did exactly that, as he took on 3 then 4 players, evading 2 fouls. Eventually, he found himself in the box. He was able to pull it back to Adam Mills who, from point blank, forced a great save from the Brentwood keeper. However, Charlie Ruff was on hand and slammed past the keeper, and backtracking defender, to get his second and the Clarets’ fourth. After that, the referee brought the first half to a close as the Clarets headed in with a 4-0 lead.


With a double substitute seeing Charlie Ruff and Jazzi Barnum-Bobb replaced, trialist A entered the field, along with Josh Castiglione, who joined the Clarets just prior to kick off. With just ender 10 minutes played in the half, Robbie opted to make some more substitutes. Brookes, Winfield and Eze were all replaced, as Evan Payne, Callum Watts and trialist B entered the game. However, it was a half time substitute who looked to cause the danger as Josh Castiglione floated a ball to the back post perfectly. Bettamer was on hand to head goalwards but a good save denied him. Mills was on the follow up, but saw it turned behind for the corner. Carruthers was once again on corner duty, as his delivered only found a Brentwood head for a clearance. It was constant attack from the Clarets, as they forced Brentwood into mistakes. Some good pressings saw Watts pick up the ball and find Bettamer who, searching for the hattrick, took on a shot. A valiant block saw it turned behind, allowing Mills to deliver the corner. It was another brilliant set piece from the Clarets, with this time Jenkins rising highest, only to see his header up and over the bar.

More substitutions were introduced for the Clarets, with just under 20 gone. Scoring of the first 2 Bettamer, and his right-hand man Carruthers made way along with Anthony Wordsworth. Mo Dabre, Freddie Hockey and Callum Jones were their replacements. It was the subs who had revitalised the game, as Freddie Hockey linked up well with Mo Dabre to give the midfielder a shooting chance. It was stuck well, but the Brentwood keeper dove across to make the save. However, it was Adam Mills, who had been on since the start, who was able to get the fifth for the day. Castiglione and Jones linked up well, with the former putting the ball across where Mills was on hand to add the fifth. With just 15 to play, the final 3 substitutes were made as Luke Jenkins, Jacob Marsden and Adam Mills all made way. Trialist C and D came on as well as Cassie in goal. The goals and the chances kept on coming, as it was another great piece of play. Castiglione broke down the right and saw his effort saved before Mo Dabre was on the follow up to smash the ball in to make it 6-0.

Brentwood mustered up a few late chances, as the rain started to crash down but, ultimately Chelmsford showed their class, as Brentwood were hit for six.


Words by Josh Lowe


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