Media Team Update – Phil Crowe

It has been brought to my attention that some fans were unhappy that only a digital programme was available for our FA Cup replay, and cited changes to the Media Team as a reason, therefore please let me explain. 


Josh Verroken recently left his post as Head of Media and Marketing. Both Josh and his predecessor, although extremely talented in the Media aspect of the role, found it difficult to balance both media and marketing and, unfortunately, the marketing element of the role was compromised. 


Chris Berry has also stepped down from our volunteer group as he wishes to pursue paid media work. 


I would like to thank both for all their hard work. 


Our Media Team has, however, had some excellent new additions. George Gale has joined us on an internship for a year. George has been supporting all Media and Marketing activities. I have also taken on someone to support the Marketing element on a part-time basis (further details TBA). Josh Lowe, who has been supporting for some time, has stepped up and taken on some extra responsibility, with the support of Ollie and Jake who have also been brilliant in their supporting media roles and last, but not least, Roger Robinson, who continues to produce excellent matchday photography. 


We are always looking for additions to the Media Team so if anyone would like to get involved, please contact me. 


With regard to the digital programme, it was my decision to go with a digital only version, something we did for Essex Senior Cup fixtures last season, and something some clubs have transitioned too completely. 


The Media Team worked as they usually would and produced content as usual, working through Sunday to deliver the programme and other material (many thanks to them for that). Due to the restrictions on when we can play evening matches, the turnaround time and minimum print runs made the production this week unviable. 


Producing the programme at short notice has become more difficult, due to print quantities and timings etc., but, above all, the cost element: producing our matchday programme actually costs us money, I know some people will say to sell more advertising space, but quite simply our sponsors are no longer interested in this and prefer the online presence. 


As I am sure most fans will appreciate, the overhead running cost of the club has increased significantly. I am committed to supporting Robbie and the MT deliver the best team on the pitch, and the bottom line is that any excess costs need to be kept to a minimum, and every little helps. 


We will continue to produce paper programmes going forward this season, even if they are “light”, should a similar replay be needed. 


Please remember that I am always available to explain or respond to any question or grievance, so please just give me a call or email if clarity is required. 

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