I realised there was alcoholism in the family when I was 16, Unfortunately, this led to a very difficult home life. I didn’t discover NACOA until  I was 28. The support I have received was invaluable and it really helped me to begin my healing journey.

As a COA (Child of an Alcoholic), I felt really alone from 16 to 28 .After discovering NACOA, I realised I wasn’t alone and I feel this is an important message to get out there.. you are not alone.

I spend my time raising awareness for NACOA and I have also started a social media page @coasaresuperheroes were I discuss my experiences. This on Instagram and Facebook.

I want to thank everyone at Chelmsford City Women FC and Stanway Rovers  for their support with this. Please feel free to reach out to NACOA  who have a free helpline to support if you are living with an alcoholic parent or carer.

I am running on may 11th. it will be on the one-year anniversary of my mum’s passing. I am raising funds for NACOA as these are vital to keep the Charity going.

Both Chelmsford City Women and Stanway Rovers will be wearing Charity shirts during the warm up in support of ‘NACOA’ and it’s cause. Those who may wish to donate to the cause can do so by clicking on the link to the GoFundMe page set up by Martin here!