The NSPCC is bringing together trailblazing women from across sport to share their stories and support Childline.

The event is set to take place on Tuesday, 23rd March between 7-8pm and costs £20 per household to attend.

The NSPCC is a charity the Club’s Chairman, Steve Shore, has been involved with for a couple of years.

While participating in an NSPCC challenge to walk up the Gherkin, he got chatting to the organiser of the charity’s City Fine Wine Challenge who asked him to join the committee that organises the event.

Now, a couple of years on, the latest City Fine Wine Challenge, which was done from home earlier this week due to lockdown restrictions, raised over £45,000 for Childline.

Speaking on the event, Steve said: “Childline is taking between 600-700 calls a day from children to provide them with much-needed support.

“It’s an incredible service that if it wasn’t there, I think it would be very difficult for many of these children.

“So, I think the NSPCC does some fantastic work and, therefore, I’m happy to support. I feel quite passionately about all things to do with charity.

“I’ve said this to a few people before, I think I’ve got to that stage in life where I actually get more of a buzz out of helping other people than really progressing myself.

“If you can help change people’s lives, that is incredibly valuable and the NSPCC changes people’s lives.”

Steve went on to explain how this thought process shapes his thinking in regard to Club matters.

“In a way, it backs my ethos at Chelmsford City Football Club,” he said. “I keep saying, it’s to create something that we, as a community, are really, really proud of.

“So, I’m not doing it for self-betterment or for self-promotion, I’m in there for, what can we do for our community? How can we improve people’s lives? How can we do more for the community of Chelmsford using football to support that?

“If I can use my skills to help do that, or help any charity to do that, I’m more than happy to do so because you see the positivity in things and you see that you can make a difference. I think that’s all we can ever ask for, isn’t it?”

For more information on the NSPCC’s Trailblazers event, visit

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